Hogadon Lodge

Casper, Wyoming

This stunning two-story, mountaintop day lodge welcomes visitors to escape the elements, relax, and enjoy a meal before returning to their mountain adventures. Expansive windows offer boundless natural light and breathtaking panoramic vistas of the surrounding mountains and valley floor and the sophisticated balance of durable finishes such as board formed concrete and steel with the natural beauty and warmth of wood create a timeless sense of oasis amongst the peaks. A picturesque summit retreat, this welcoming lodge was designed to accommodate four-season visitors and provides services for users including a dining facility for nearly 250 guests.

“GPCA's ability to provide a product that meets the needs of the City, its patrons, and the public, in a professional, responsive and organized fashion is exceptional. They were able to work with the City and the City’s set budget to keep construction costs well below the budget limits without sacrificing quality or thoughtful attention to detail.”

- Alex Sveda, Associate Engineer, City of Casper