Afton/Lincoln County Civic Center

Afton, Wyoming

As a tribute to local airplane manufacturing, the Town of Afton, Wyoming, requested the design of a multi-purpose building to house both a display of vintage airplanes as well as community space. In addition to serving as a welcoming community center, this facility also acts as a visitor center, and an ideal location to host meetings, craft fairs, reunions, seminars, and other large gatherings.

In addition to a thoughtfully-designed museum space for the vintage aircraft, the project includes a Great Hall for up to 350 occupants, smaller rooms for groups of up to 60, a gift shop, and a visitor information space. The building’s innovative design — which embraces a balance of Western contemporary style and an aviation-inspired flair — allows for multiple classic airplanes to be suspended from the ceiling.

Architect of Record: Plan One Architects, Driggs | Garett Chadwick, Design Architect + Assoc. Principal